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Turn Based Gaming - Game Center Style Part #1

Some of you may have noticed that we released Lost Cities in the end of August. Apart from being our first card game (we did Carcassonne prior to that), it is also our first time to use the Turn Based API that Game Center provides starting with iOS 5.0. This sadly has proven a very challenging thing to do, and I want to part with some of the major gripes we encountered in this multipart series.

Game Center’s idea of Push Notifications

Push notifications are something iOS users are pretty familiar with now. They also made the hop to the desktop in Mountain Lion. Every app can send push notifications to the user in appropriate moments, if the user gives their permission. Users can even customize them on a per app basis and set if they want them to appear as alerts, banners and/or in the lock screen, if they have sound or not or they should badge the App Icon.

All right, these are nice and understandable, already a little bit complicated – but okay. And if you are using the Game Center Turn Based API you get push notifications too. Isn’t that nice? Or so it seems. The Game Center Push Notifications sadly have some strangeness to them:

  • They aren’t yours – meaning they do not belong to the app sending it. They appear with the Game Center Icon and your App’s Name. The push notifications appear in Quotes to discern them from other Game Center Notifications. If you can search the web for undocumented features you can change the built in fanfare to your app’s sound. That’s it. (rdar://10177685)

  • They are all or nothing – your users can’t set the notification settings for your app, they have to set the one’s for game center. You read right. You can’t turn them on or off for specific games, or even discern them from the Game Center’s friend requests. You want a Sound for this game notification? Then you also have to live with the friend request fanfare. You have a game you play only on your iPhone and not on your iPad? Too bad for you, can’t tell the iPad not to show the notifications. (rdar://10177685)

  • Invitations to games appear during your game - yes that too. If you are invited to a new game, while already in that game’s app, you get the invite notification banner shown inside your app. Also: there is no sane way of showing the invite text to you other than show in notification center, as we the app devs don’t have access to it. We don’t even get a notification.

  • No extra payload and early access for you - with normal push notifications you, as an app, can add a little bit of extra payload to that notification which you get instantly when your app is moved into foreground or started. This way you can prepare the correct UI for the Notification the user swiped upon while you sneakily load the data you need in addition that in the background to give the fastest experience. Not so with Game Center. With Game Center you aren’t told at all that the user swiped on a notification to start your app. The earliest you can guess that the user swiped a notification is in the turn based delegate callback, which only fires after the Game Center Greeting Banner (you know the one) is shown in your app, which can be up to 30 seconds in bad networking conditions. And which also fires if you start the app and a turn is received during that time. So we more or less have to guess if the user swiped a notification instead of knowing. (rdar://10177254)

  • They aren’t localizable – yes you read right – there is no sane way of localizing the Notifications. There isn’t even a proper way to set the notification text directly. (rdar://9581651)

    You can either chose to not set a custom text in which case the recipient(s) of the push notification get a message of “Your Turn” localized in their iOS Language. But then you have no additional information about the game in progress, no opponents, no turn order, no score, no whatsoever.

    Or the participant that made the last move may set a text to be sent instead. This is the text that will be displayed in quotes in the notification. E.g. we chose to set “20 cards against Monkeydom”. This is the Status text of the game. Which poses a problem if you use the standard Game Center Turn based UI, as it appears in that list as status of the user that made the turn. So if you are using that you already have the issue of a strange display.

    However if you want to go the extra mile and localize the Message then the only thing you can do is the following: The participant app that makes a move needs to anticipate the recipient of the push notification (e.g. the next player), localize the notification in their language, and set the text and make the move. This needs knowledge about the locale of the recipient, which in turn you have to transport in the game data. We chose that approach, but it was a serious pain.

Although I’m sure some of the issues are addressed in iOS 6, I already know of some that aren’t. Which in turn means one more year until we can hope for improvements again.