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Separation of Tasks

If you know me, you might know that I don’t like Xcode’s internal Documentation Viewer and don’t use the internal editor. My reasons: I need my Tasks separated. Source files are in SubEthaEdit, Project files, compilation, console feedback, debugger are in Xcode, Source control management is in the terminal, and Documentation is in AppKiDo (and AppKiDo-for-iPhone). Why? Quick and straight access. I hit the Xcode App Icon for a compile, AppKiDo for Documentation, etc. And they all remember their state. If I do all in Xcode then navigation becomes slow and cumbersome.

But that all has a side effect: I’m utterly lost in the time AppKiDo needs to catch up with the latest Xcode and documentation release if it breaks anything. Thanks to Andy Lee that is almost always a very very short period of time, but nevertheless makes me anxious all the time. That’s why I really Appreciate a recent contender in the Documentation Viewing business: Ingredients. It looks very nice and modern, but still lacks a few features I use in AppKiDo. Nevertheless: the more the merrier!